Our SCALE UP project partner, INFO Murcia, is promoting an online training programme for companies that aims to help entrepreneurs aspiring to have private investor financing. The virtual event, held in Spanish, will take place next Wednesday, 20th of May at 4.30 p.m.

The event is organized by  Murcia Ban, the first network of private investors of the Region, promoted by the Regional Development Agency of Murcia (INFO) and located in CEEIM. CEEIM participates as a member of the Regional Action Group of Murcia in the Interreg project SCALE UP 

Entrepreneurs participating in the online program will receive advice from Javier Sánchez Guerrero, consultant and CEO of ANDSEED, a strategy and operations consultancy in the Region of Murcia. They will also maintain direct contact with leading investors throughout Spain.  

He will talk about the phases of the fundraising process and the investors’ typology. He will also touch on the subject of how to prepare a round of professional investment and will recommend how to provide efficient provisions.   

Click here for the registration.  

In this edition of the programme, there will be a face-to-face practice for the projects participating in the conference. The keys to preparing the “Termsheet” and the partnership agreement will also be explained.   

Finally, the recommended types of public financing will be addressed to leverage investment rounds.  

For more information in Spanish https://www.ceeim.es/buscas-financiacion-preparate-para-la-inversion-con-murcia-ban/