"Accelerating the smart grid transition in Europe: a blueprint for regional action": join us on the 26th November to learn from concrete examples of public support and ambitious smart grid projects. 


This event is divided in two sessions: make sure you register to both! 

MORNING l High-level conference (10AM-12.30PM CET)

10h00 – 10h05 Introductions and welcome Sara Minisini, BDI

10h05 – 10h15 SET-UP in a nutshell – Sara Minisini, BDI

10h15 – 10h30 How can policies support smart grids? Lessons from SET-UP – Olly Frankland, Regen

10h25 - 10h50: Public support to business: when financing is not enough (Leicester – UK, Hungary) – Michael Richardson, Leicester City Council, and Zoltán Baros, Ministry of Innovation and Technology (HU)

10h50 - 11h15: Public support to emerging models: testing new approaches at regional scale (Brittany – FR, Andalusia – ES) – Maximilien Le Menn, Regional Council of Brittany, and Sara Robles, Andalusian Energy Agency

11h15-11h25: Break

11h25-11h50: Public support for the long term: building efficient strategies (Lithuania, Portugal) – Arturas Klementavicius, Kaunas Energy Agency, and Claudio Casimiro, Regional Energy and Environnement Agency 

11h50-12h05: State of play and outlook for interregional cooperation – Charo Camacho, Interreg Europe

12h05-12h20: Smart grids in the new programming period – European Commission, Joint Research Centre

12h20 – 12h30: Conclusions – Alain Terpant, BDI

REGISTER HERE TO THE MORNING SESSION:  https://app.livestorm.co/set-up-project/set-up-final-event-26th-november-2020 

AFTERNOON l Thematic sessions (2PM-3.30PM CET)

14h00 – 14h10 Introductions and welcome

14h10 – 14h40 Collective self-consumption – a smart and local energy solution

  • Current EU market uptake and role in smart grids – Olly Frankland, Regen
  • Case study from Brittany (FR) – Simon Ducasse, Atlansun, and Guillaume Guézélou, Regional Council of Brittany

14h40 – 15h20: Energy storage - an enabler for smart grids

  • Current EU market uptake and role in smart grids – Olly Frankland, Regen
  • Case studies from Andalusia (ES) and Algarve (PT) – Joaquin Villar, Andalusian Energy Agency, and Hugo Rodrigues, Regional Energy and Environnement Agency 

15h20 – 15h30: Conclusions

REGISTER HERE TO THE AFTERNOON SESSION: https://app.livestorm.co/set-up-project/set-up-final-event-thematic-sessions