The project meeting in Lithuania, held in Vilnius and Kaunas on 10-11 April, marked the beginning of the 3rd year of the SET-UP project. The main focus was on the development of regional Actions Plans, which will be the main deliverables of this first phase of the project (2016-2019), fully dedicated to the interregional learning process. 

The meeting started with an interesting study visit to the offices of two key players of the energy sector in Lithuania: Lithuanian Transmission System Operator (TSO) and the National Commission for Energy Control and Prices, both stakeholders of our SET-UP partner Kaunas Regional Energy Agency. Thanks to these study visits, participants had the opportunity to get a better insight into the power system management and balancing situation with respect to consumers‘ load aggregation prospects. They also could better understand the national renewable energy (RES) policy in the context of upcoming prosumers and share information on their regional RES policies with the staff of the Commission. 

On Day 2, the Interregional learning workshop organised in the morning covered the topics of Lithuanian National Energy Independence Strategy and its ambitious targets in terms of transition to RES-based electricity sector, the drivers and challenges related to load aggregation and the design of efficient business models. A special session was dedicated to data management, with an overview of the topic provided by our Advisory partner Regen and the presentation of 2 case studies: the PRIDE project and the EDI-NET project, implemented in Brittany (FR) and Leicester (UK) respectively.

The session of 4 parallel workshops organised in the afternoon enabled partners and stakeholders to discuss, exchange views and look for solutions on specific smart grid topics (aggregation, energy storage, smart campus, ..) in preparation of the definition of their action plans.

Focus on the Action plans.

Based on the interregional exchange carried out during Phase 1, all partner regions are defining what are the next actions to implement at regional level in order to improve their targeted policy instruments. Information on these actions (activities, timing, resources, etc.) will be included in regional action plans, that represent the roadmap for a better and more efficient use and management of ERDF funds in support of the energy transition at regional level.

Information about our next project events will be published soon on our project website. The next SET-UP project meeting will take place in the UK in October.