On the 11th of April,2022, the Mondragon City Council has organised the official presentation of the upcoming Site Visit event at Arrasate-Mondragón.

At the press conference, Maria Ubarretxena, Mayor of Arrasate, overviewed the Visit agenda, Eukene Barrenetxea from "H-enea living lab" presented the good Practice "FV_etxean Arrasate". The other speakers of the conference were Amagoia Barandiaran from "LKS Krean" and Aritz Otxandiano from "Fagor Taldea". Amagoia Barandiaran demonstrated the "Ekiola" project. Later Aritz Otxandiano explained "Fagor Taldea's" compromise with the development of the valley and their participation in the SHREC project.

Site visit at Arrasate-Mondragón will take place at 27-29 April, 2022. More about the upcoming event, read here.