Within the energy transition process, that is becoming increasingly necessary, the CER (Renewable Energy Communities) represent a model of innovation that makes citizens and institutions protagonists. They have the possibility of using the generation and sharing of renewable energy as a contrast to climate change, as an instrument of energy democracy and social solidarity and as a virtuous example of development based on cooperation rather than competition.

The Piemonte Region and the Compagnia di San Paolo Foundation share a common goal: to meet the increasing interest of regional stakeholders in Renewable Energy Communities (CERs) and stimulate their set up by giving a concrete support. To do this Compagnia di San Paolo has developed a new project named “Sinergie” with the aim of activating a series of capacity building and technical assistance actions in order to accompany municipalities and Third Sector Bodies in planning new CERs with a social impact on their territory.

In order to explore the opportunities offered by the "Sinergie" project, Compagnia di San Paolo on April 12 organized a webinar addressed at the Piedmontese local authorities with over 65 participants.

The Piemonte Region, that represents a virtuous example, as it has been the first region to have a dedicated legislation and to support several pilot now under development, had the opportunity to present its active role, further developed thanks to the SHREC project implementation, as coordinator between the national and the regional level and between private energy utilities and the CERs.