On the 27-29th of April 2022, the SHREC project partners met in Arrasate-Mondragón for the Site Visit event.

During the intensive three-day meeting, partners and stakeholders attended open sessions, discussed, learned from each other and visited various sites – GARAIA Technology Park, H-enea Living Lab, EkoCenter Arrasate, Biscay Marine Bermeo-Armintza Energy Platform and other places.

At the opening session, Major Maria Ubarretxenak of the Arrasate-Mondragon City Council talked about some of the changes to the construction taxes. She presented powerful incentives for the installation of renewable energy components.

Monica Pedreira, Director of Environment at the Provincial Council, spoke about the recently approved Gipuzkoa Energy Sustainability Strategy 2050 and, among other things, about citizen communities and energy cooperatives. Two such cooperatives are currently operating in Zumarraga and Larraulo. The Provincial Council expects that, in addition to the environmental benefits, residents will save an average of €590 a year on their electricity bills: "This is achieved through renewable energy and self-management."

Iñigo Ansola, Director of the Basque Energy Agency, has finally hinted at the need to install more wind turbines and solar panels. While acknowledging their environmental impact, he also stressed the need to take into account the benefits and mentioned the need to combine renewable infrastructure with agriculture and livestock farming.

The following days' sessions were complemented by invited guests from various organisations - "Debagoiena 2030" innitiative, "H-enea Living Lab", "Moyua Eraikuntzak", "Ikerlan", Mayor of Ea (Bizkaia) Ekiola, "LKS KREAN Goiener", Mondragon University and others.

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