The SHREC communication event was organised by the Slovak Innovation and Energy Agency in Bratislava, Slovakia, on Thursday, 5 May 2022, at 13:00. The meeting was held online and was attended by more than 80 participants in total.

The Communication event aimed to everyone who was interested in the latest information about the possibilities of using renewable energy sources, especially in households. The introduction was devoted to the international project SHREC, which allowed us to learn examples of good practices of renewable energy sources usage abroad.

The programme continued with the presentation of SAPI (Slovak Association of the Photovoltaic Industry and RES) representative, which included a lecture on how alternative energy sources can be used in response to rising prices in the energy market. The main theme, which is currently quite popular in Slovakia and other countries, is development of energy prices. It was mentioned that the increase will be felt especially by companies that have unregulated prices. In connection with this, it was emphasized that the development of RES in Slovakia is necessary, and energy self-sufficiency is crucial. As far as RES are concerned, the current situation in Slovakia is not very positive, as they are not exploiting their full potential. In conclusion, Ms Palmanova mentioned that there is definitely room for improvement, the main problem being the approval processes and the lack of digitisation.

The participants from public mostly enjoyed the presentation of Mr. Ilovič, who brought all practical experiences and recommendations how to reduce energy costs in a regular households. He discussed about pros and cons of heat pumps. Mr. Ilovič emphasized that they are not suitable for a non-renovated houses. Especially, the part of solar panels was very interesting – Mr. Ilovič explained an example of return on solar panel installation for a family of four.

At the end of the event there was a turnout discussion with all participants and speakers.


13:00 – Opening & Introduction by Mr. Stanislav Laktiš, SIEA project manager

• Presentation of the project SHREC and its goals, best practices

13:15 – Renewable energy sources as a response to the energy market crisis by Mrs. Lucia Palmanová, SAPI coordinator for RES policy

• Alternative energy sources in response to rising energy market prices

• What is the future of renewable energy sources in Slovakia?

14:00 – Advantages and limitations of renewable energy sources by Mr. Michal Ilovič from counseling center SIEA – ŽIŤ ENERGIOU

• How to reduce energy costs in a regular households

• Practical experiences and recommendations

14:30 – Discussion