The European SHREC project is coming to a close, and on March 20, stakeholders, experts, and practitioners will gather for the SHREC project Closing Conference. This event promises to be an exciting opportunity for those interested in sustainability and green energy to hear from those who have been involved in the project and to learn about the latest developments in the field.

At the conference, SHREC project implementers will share their best practices and achievements, providing valuable insights into the work they have done and the impact it has had. Attendees will have the chance to learn about the successes and challenges of the project, as well as the innovative approaches that have been used to encourage citizen involvement in the production of renewable heat.

In addition to hearing from SHREC project implementers, attendees will also have the opportunity to hear from a range of experts and practitioners in the field of sustainability and green energy. These speakers will share their experiences and insights, offering valuable perspectives on the latest trends and developments in the field.

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Cover Photo by Headway on Unsplash.