During the SIE project, the partners will identify a range of case studies from the different partner regions related to SME internationalisation policies and support interventions. You can download a summary here of the 7 'good practices' identified by the SIE project of see further details in the videos and case studies below.

1. Kent International Business - A case study from the UK 

The Kent International Business (KIB) programme is an initiative led by Kent County Council (Lead Partner of the SIE project) which brings together a range of support interventions to help local SMEs with internationalisation in Kent. The programme supports the delivery of economic development policies in Kent. The Kent Case Study can be downloaded here.

2. 'Go & Come Back' - A case study from Italy

The Molise Region has developed a project called 'Go & Come Back' (Vado e Torno) to help boost SME internationalisation in the region. The project enables young people from Molise to undertake an international work placement with a foreign company for 6 months. Having gained valuable international experience and expertise, the participants are then offered financial incentives to return to Molise to set up a new international company. 

The Molise Case Study can be downloaded here.

3. Clustering for Internationalisation - A case study from Kujawsko-Pomorskie, Poland

SIE partner Toruń Regional Development Agency ran a successful programme to set up and support the international development of clusters of Small & Medium Size Enterprises (SMEs). The programme has helped 10 sector-focused clusters in the Toruń area to bid for contracts in foreign markets. Normally, the individual companies making up the clusters would find it difficult to trade internationally, but working as part of a complementary group of businesses has enabled 80 SMEs to export their products and services. 

The Kujawsko-Pomorskie (Toruń) Case Study can be downloaded here.

4. Export Consortia - A Case study from Cantabria, Spain

In order to help companies to successfully access contracts in international markets, the regional case study for Cantabria, SODERCAN has set up several Export Consortia. These help businesses to work together and provide complete solutions for potential international customers. Our interview with the Santander Global Metal group manager can be viewed here.

5. International Offices for Lower Saxony

To help its businesses access expertise, bespoke support and local knowledge in various priority international markets, the Federal State of Lower Saxony, has established a number of representations abroad. This 'home from home' support is a great help to companies wishing to access opportunities in those markets.

Download the case study here.

6. Nouvelle-Aquitaine's 'Export Pathway' Programme

The 'Parcours de l'Export' programme helps companies in the French region of Nouvelle-Aquitaine with all aspects of internationalisation. Delivered by a number of different organisations, the programme helps businesses to trade internationally by offering tailored support from a suite of inter-linked services.

Download the case study here.

7. The Žatec Hops Co-operative from the Ústí Region (Czech Republic)

Find our more about how hop producers from Ústí sell their products all over the world through the Žatec Hops Co-operative by downloading the case study here or watching this video:

SME Internationalisation Post Pandemic Good Practice

During the final phase of the SIE project, the partners shared examples of adapted programmes of support and activities put in place quickly during the Covid-19 pandemic to facilitate SME internationalisation and help companies continue to focus on international trade despite very difficult global circumstances.

1. Kent: Virtual Trade Missions

Kent County Council and its local network of partners involved in helping businesses with international trade, worked together on a new programme of Virtual Trade Missions as part of a project called SEED - South-East Export Development. Please click here to read about the SEED project.