SILVER SMEs will pitch at the 2022 edition of the European Week of Regions and Cities!

Rural and mountainous areas are particularly affected by demographic change and ageing. Yet, these regions face a lack of goods and services targeted to the needs of the older population. The Silver Economy is a promising sector that can contribute to improving the quality of life of rural older adults and creating jobs in rural areas. The Interreg Europe SILVER SMEs project provides examples of Action Plans adopted in rural regions to support the sector in order to cope with demographic change.

Why joining?

This session builds on the results of the Interreg Europe SILVER SMEs project. The project can provide examples of concrete measures adopted in regions to support the development of the Silver Economy in rural areas, such as support to social businesses, training and communication campaign on the Silver Economy and the needs of older adults or the creation of showrooms where businesses from the sector can showcase their innovations. SILVER SMEs has developed 8 regional Action Plans that adopt a placed-based approach to further develop the Silver Economy and enhance territorial cohesion in rural and mountainous areas, leaving no one behind. After the adoption of the EU Green Paper on Ageing, the session will provide participants with an overview of replicable practices that can inspire other ageing rural areas.

Registration and logistics

The pitch session will take place online in English on 13 October 2022 from 11:30 to 11:45. Registration is now open!

SILVER SMEs also has a digital stand, where you can discover the outcomes of the project: