Since 2018, SILVER SMEs collected more than 70 good practices from all over Europe. From housing to intergenerational activities, cross-border accelerators, adapted tourism and show-flats, this good practice database illustrates the diversity of goods and services from the Silver Economy and the potential of this sector for rural Europe.

SILVER SMEs held a peer review in December 2020 to select the project’s best initiatives among the 70 good practices collected by partners. The 23 selected best practices are inspiring examples of regional support to the Silver Economy sector in rural and mountainous areas. They also demonstrate that targeted goods and services, such as home delivery, community nurses or connected housing, can enhance the well-being of rural older adults. These best practices will provide inspiration to partners when designing their regional Action Plans.

Discover in the library section these best practices in our 3 thematic brochures:

Senior housing

Accelerators of Silver SMEs

Seniors’ well-being