Dr Aisling ConwayLenihan and Dr Helen McGuirk are guest editors on the recently launched Special Issue Small Enterprises and Silver Economy in the Small Enterprise Research journal. A call for papers was launched in 2020 in the broad area of small enterprises and the silver economy and it garnered interest from authors studying this topic in European regions, Australia, Ireland, and Finland.

The special issue includes five papers and will be a valuable addition to this nascent topic in the enterprise literature and contribute to the knowledge and empirical evidence of the valuable opportunities an older population holds for small enterprises. Two topics link the five papers: the first, is the supply side of the economy, where McGuirk, ConwayLenihan and Lenihan (2021) and Kelly and Kelliher (2021) explore the supply of goods/services to the older population. The second group of three papers, investigates the motives, attitudes and experiences of the older entrepreneur Stephens and Hegarty (2021), Viljamaa, Ioensuu-Salo and Kangas (2021) and Eager, Maritz and Millemann (2021).

Dr Helen McGuirk and Dr Aisling ConwayLenihan, along with their co-author Niamh Lenihan published a paper on the Awareness and potential of the silver economy for enterprises: a European regional level study. You will find the published article here.

If anyone would like a copy of the article, you can email the authors directly [email protected] or aisling.c[email protected]