The 16th of November, 2018, the Dalarna Region arranged the first regional stakeholder group meeting within the frames of the Silver SMEs project. Participants from The Dalarna University College, the County Council of Dalarna, Visit Dalarna and Region Dalarna were represented. 

The Regional Director of Region Dalarna, Ms Elsmari Julin welcomed everybody with a speech highlighting the opportunities within the Silver SMEs project to create a regional dialogue about active and healthy ageing in Dalarna and the potential of the silver economy in the context of the specific conditions of Dalarna within demography, geography, business development, academy and public services. Ms Julin emphasised the European dimension of the project that enables exchanges of experiences and new ideas with other regions with similar needs

Mr. Peter Möller, the social analyst of Region Dalarna presented some facts and figures related to the business opportunities in the silver economy in Dalarna. Mr Möller showed the development and present situation in factors linked to the economic situation, demography, health status, well-being and the private economy of the retired population of today. We noticed that there is a positive trend where many older people feel better and have a better financial position then previous generations. But, not to forget, there is still also a group of very poor retirees. 

We also touched on the issue of age discrimination at the structural level in Sweden.  

Åsa Ängsback, the international strategist of Region Dalarna and project leader for the Silver SMEs in Dalarna gave an introduction about the Silver SMEs project ; the aims and objectives, the project participants, the main content and the activities to be carried through. For example the very interesting partner meeting in Lille, on the 28-29 of January 2019, in conjunction with the Ageing Fit fair. Ms Ängsback also stressed the important role of the regional stakeholder group in terms of contributions to the project from different perspectives in a field that is not so well explored today; the positive aspects of an ageing population. 

During the day there were discussions about different topics connected to the silver economy, for example the observation that retirees travels a lot, away from Dalarna.

How can the Silver SMEs project contribute to new ideas for attracting the elderly to the travel and tourism industry in Dalarna?  



From the left: Kevin Mc Kee, Professor of Gerontology and Head of Subject for Social Work at  University College of Dalarna  , Katarina Nordin Kajblad, Business developer of the Unit for Appliances of the County Council of Dalarna,  Elisabet Asp-Christiansson, Head of business development,  Visit Dalarna,  Karin Jacobsson, Vice Chairman of the Retiree Council of County Council of Dalarna  Johanna Falk-Gustavsson, project economist of Region Dalarna,  Monika Jönsson, strategist of research and innovation (S3 expert) of  Region Dalarna Åsa Ängsback, international strategist of Region Dalarna and project leader of the Silver Sme-project in Dalarna.