Eurasanté, SILVER SMEs’ partner from France, organised its second stakeholders meeting on May 28, 2019. Various actors evolving in the sector of the silver economy were attended the meeting, from private companies to associations and social care representatives.  


The meeting started with a presentation of the European project's objectives highlighting the opportunities and the potential of the silver economy.   

Following the main recommendations analysis made by the Cork Institute to develop regional politics for the sector, participants underlined the central place the older adults must occupy in Silver Economy. According to them, offers for older adults must be needs-based, by collecting their opinions but also those of their caregivers when relevant, to improve their capacity to help seniors in their daily lives. 

Stakeholders also insisted on the human dimension of silver economy. Although digital innovation and technology are important, they can not fully substitute human presence and attention. This is even more true when it comes to isolated persons. 

While examples of good practices in each of partner countries were presented, stakeholders underlined the necessity to encourage secured and adapted intergenerational housing taking into account the changing needs of seniors over the long term.  

It was also pointed that progress still to be made on the prevention of diseases: non-drug treatment (mental or physical activity) and healthy food prevent the development of neurodegenerative diseases and reduce medication. SMEs from the silver economy sector should thus offer innovative solutions to facilitate older adults’ activity. 


In short, a Silver Economy by and for older adults and their caregivers, based around 4 dimensions:  

- The mobility of seniors and their social interactions  

- The living space: secured, adapted, personalized and customizable  

- The support for older adults 

- A freedom preserved by maintaining the independence  


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