What is SILVER SMEs’ aim? What are the current challenges for the Silver Economy sector? What can SMEs of the Silver Economy do to improve the quality of life of older adults in rural and mountainous areas? 

SILVER SMEs’ last video gives you the answers to all your questions! Recorded during our  partners’ meeting in Tolmin, Slovenia, on 22 and 23 May, 2019. The video will give you: 

  • An overview of our current and future activities thanks to Laura Gascon Herrero, from the Province of Teruel, Spain,
  • An insight of current challenges for the Silver Economy in Slovenia with Suzana Hvala, from Socay Valley Development Center, Slovenia.
  • And some first-hand testimonies from Silver SMEs’ entrepreneurs 

Katarina Nordinkajblad, from the Assistive Technology Center of the Region Dalarna, Sweden, will walk you through her showcase flat with equipment for the smart homes developed in the region, enabling both the older adults to test devices for their own house and local SMEs of the Silver Economy to expose their innovative products. Meet also with Victoria Tortosa, a Spanish entrepreneur from the Province of Burgos, who tells you all about La Exclusiva, the SME she created to improve isolated older adults' quality of life by delivering first necessity products in rural areas. 

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