In order to share the progress of our SILVER SMEs project, a third stakeholder meeting was held on 21 November 2019 in Eurasanté, Lille – France, to bring together private and public stakeholders working for the Silver Economy.  

Eurasanté started by reminding the objectives of SILVER SMEs, followed by a review of the retro planning and the introduction of the next deadlines and activities of the project. The 6 good practices submitted by Eurasanté on the Interreg Europe policy learning platform were also presented to stakeholders to collect their opinion. These 6 good practices are:

Eurasanté also shared the experiences from the study visits and international conference in Ziélona Gora, Poland, on 23 & 24 October 2019. The presentation of the study visits to the University of the Third Age in Ziélona Góra and the new retirement house for dependent elderly people – coupled with a nursery school - provided an opportunity to further reflect on what can be done for the social inclusion of elderly people and to encourage intergenerational exchange. This was also an opportunity to introduce some of the good practices presented by partners during the international conference to provide inspiration of practices in other regions. Stakeholders had the chance to discuss the success factors of some of them as well as their transferability in France.  

Stakeholders also stressed the importance of ensuring quality care for the dependent elderly person, at home or in an institution, by care staff or home help professionals. Progresses need to be made for the attractiveness of jobs related to the care and Silver Economy sectors – a topic currently under discussion in France since the publication in October of a report by Myriam El Khomri, the former Minister of Labour.  

The Silver Economy sector must answer the needs of older adults in rural areas while innovating to provide quality care and services, thanks to favourable policies to be developed.