Did you know that Spain, Sweden, Portugal and France are in the top 10 of EU countries with the highest share of older people living in rural areas*? 

The last few months have been particularly challenging for older generations in Europe and demonstrated how beneficial Silver Economy SMEs can be for isolated and vulnerable older people during the COVID-19 pandemic, especially in rural and mountainous areas. In this 7th newsletter, SILVER SMEs introduces you to inspiring initiatives to help the elderly and combat exclusion. 

Save the date! SILVER SMEs‘ next international seminar on “Senior tourism”, organised by Region Dalarna, Sweden, will be held online on September 2 & 3, 2020.  

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* Eurostat, “Ageing Europe — 2019 edition”, p.25 


The SILVER SMEs project aims to support regional policies in rural and mountainous areas by enlightening the potential for SMEs to develop new innovative products and services of benefit and joy for a senior population. By supporting the development of new SMEs in the Silver Economy, an intrinsic objective is to stimulate growth and competitiveness of rural areas and mountainous areas. Have a look at SILVER SMEs project’s brochure

This 5-years Interreg Europe project was launched in June 2018. The project leader is the Spanish province of Teruel, and the other 8 project partners come from Ireland, Slovenia, Portugal, Spain, France, Sweden and Poland. 


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