The event was attended by 13 representatives of national and local public authorities, business and research in the South Muntenia region, including: Giurgiu and Ialomița County Councils, Ministry of Environment, Waters and Forests, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, Argeș Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture, ICECHIM- Călărași branch, INMA Bucharest, Teleorman Agency for Environmental Protection.

The participants were informed about the status of the SinCE-AFC project, the fifth meeting of project partners (event organized by the Donegal County ( Ireland) in November 2021), the Import Workshop (event organised by SMARDA on the 9th of September 2021 ) future actions within the project and good practices identified in the regions. Discussions related to the second draft of the Action Plan also took place. In addition, it was presented the results of the Covid-19 impact on the Agri-Food sector analysis in Romania – performed within to the Danube S3 Cluster project. The recommendations will be analysed with the possibility to include some of them in the 2nd version of the Action Plan.