10:00 Welcome – Dániel Magyar, Managing Director, Pannon Novum Nonprofi t Ltd.

10:10 Viktória Krivenkó, Head of Department, Ministry of Finance: Measures to support skills development in the aim of relaunching the economy

10:35 Petra Szakonyi-Korsós, Projectmanager, Szechenyi István University: “Tracking digital change at SZE University”

11:00 Gál Körmendy, Head of cluster and economic development,

West-Pannon Nonprofi t Ltd.: Motivations to go digital - reframing innovation in rural areas

11:25 Ádám Simon, computer scientist: From Gusztáv Herényi-Tollas to the Herényi Weekly Market – digital solutions

11:50 Online rooms- let’s talk with the presenters!

12:20 Conclusions from online rooms

12:30 Closing