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SMART-MR project prolonged


The SMART-MR project has been prolonged until 30 September 2021. The partners...

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SMART-MR Station Area Concept report published


The SMART-MR report presents measures to support local and regional authorities...

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SMART-MR Conference promotes better liveability


The SMART-MR final web conference took place virtually on Thursday the 26th, and...

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SMART-MR guidelines for developing station areas


The SMART-MR addresses the importance of urban station communities and creates...

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SMART-MR Video - Solutions to Mobility Challenges


Listen what experts have to say on how to solve mobility challenges in European...

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SMART-MR Political Meeting


How to create smart mobility in metropolitan regions? The project results from...

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SMART-MR conference on Mobility challenges


Mobility challenges in urban and metropolitan areas are discussed in Barcelona...

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SMART-MR 7th workshop in Porto, Portugal


The SMART-MR Workshop entitled "Sharing Economy" part of the European SMART-MR...

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SMART-MR 6th workshop was held in Budapest, Hungary


The 6th SMART-MR workshop 'Managing Transport' was held 11-13 June 2018 in...

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SMART-MR 5th Workshop will be in Helsinki, Finland


SMART-MR project fifth workshop will be organised in Helsinki, Finland in 11-12...

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SMART-MR 4th Workshop will be in Kungälv, Sweden


The Theme of the 4th SMART-MR project Workshop is Transit Oriented Development...

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Newsletter on Creating a mobility plan published


The results and good examples of Creating a Mobility plan are presented in the...

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