COVID-19 pandemic has profoundly affected the way we work, travel, and live. The mobility patterns and modal split have changed, the need for the last mile logistics has increased and the perception of living areas has transformed. At the same time the occupancy rate in public transport has decreased and the role of individual mobility modes has grown. 


In this newsletter SMART-MR project with project partners from 7 metropolitan regions presents the selected good practices of mitigating the challenges posed by COVID-19 at local and regional level. The in-depth analyses are the results of the shared experiences in four thematic e-workshops: 1: Enabling e-participation 2: Adapting the logistic to the new behaviour pattern-home delivery services 3: Densification and mobility changes due to COVID-19 in station areas –processes 4: Station Area Concept - reactions/responses. 

The Newsletter is available in the SMART MR Library: