SmartEdge is hosting its fourth workshop in Milan the 17.-18. March 2020. The goal is to facilitate a learning process that will enable the partners and their Stakeholders to build capacity and further develop their strategies related to energy efficiency and renewable energy systems and buildings.

The participants will get a glance on the good practices from all over Europe, and discuss how we can reduce carbon emissions in metropolitan areas by employing innovative energy solutions and systems in buildings. We will over investment in housing and public buildings for energy efficiency, potential for new jobs, local renewable energy resources and local grid solutions. 

A site visit will be organized to CAP HOLDING – a Milan biomethane plant that generates energy from municipal sewage and provides this renewable energy for transport and buildings. And the second site visit will take place at the energy efficient project Hotel School “Olmo”. The fourth study visit and its results will be documented and made available in our newsletter after the workshop. 

Progam 17.03.2020

09.00 – 09.30 Welcome coffee and registration

09.30 – 09.45 Welcome by Mrs. Pinoschi - Head of Intrastructure Sector, Metropolitan City of Milan

09.45 – 10.15 Circular Economy in building: the experience of Metropolitan City of Milan by Mrs. Roberta Gadda and Mrs. Alda Scacciante Metropolitan City of Milan

10.15 – 10.30 Regional perspectives and strategies by the Regional Government

10.30 – 11.00 Energy and climate point and Metropizza project by Mrs. Francesca Hugony, ENEA (Italian National  Agency for New Technologies, Energy and Sustainable Economic Development)

11.00 – 11.15 Coffee break

11.15 – 12.45 Partner/stakeholder presentations (10 min per partner)

12.45 – 13.30 Lunch

13.30 – 14.30 Visit Palazzo Isimbardi

14.30 – 17.30 Workshop 4 – Investment in housing or public buildings for energy efficiency, potential for new jobs, local renewable energy sources and local grids

17.30 Conclusions

Program 18.03.2020

09.00 Departure to CAP Holding

09.30 Site visit – CAP Holding 

11.30 Departure from CAP to Hotel School «Olmo» in Cornaredo 

12.00 Site visit at Hotel School “Olmo”: practical case of energy efficiency project 

13.00 Lunch

14.00 End and conclusions