ENEA and Milan Metropolitan City signed an agreement for the realisation of a “One Stop Shop”,

i.e. a unique local desk to support public and private buildings’ owners during the energy

requalification process.

The desk will provide all necessary info to learn the building’s characteristics: from the energy

consumption to the saving opportunities in the electricity bill, providing indications on the most

effective technologies, professionals that can be consulted for each step during the

requalification process and the subsidising mechanisms that are currently available.

The elaboration of the renovation process and the guidelines for users will be made available

through a dedicated platform.

In the next 18 months, ENEA and Milan Metropolitan City plan to realise the first service demo.

Some real buildings will be used as pilot cases thanks to the availability of data collected during

a previous test implemented by the 2 subjects between 2017 and 2018. This test was realised

within a funded project aimed at developing “light” energy diagnosis on metropolitan buildings

that have a thermal plant with power higher than 35 kW.

The One Stop Shop project is part of the DeciWatt system, a programme managed by the

Environment Area of Milan Metropolitan City started in March 2020 which goal is to implement

energy efficiency in buildings thanks to digital tools such as Decimetro, the new institutional

platform for the consultation of geographical info related to the Municipalities based within the

Milanese metropolitan area.

In this initial stage, a technical group will be implemented, involving all those stakeholders that

operate within the buildings’ renovation field.

“We can start in the most effective way only if we will be able to work in synergy with architects,

companies, apartment block administrators, consumers, financial institutions and the

involvement of the metropolitan municipalities – explains Mauro Marani, Head of Integrated

Services Division for the Territorial Development DUEE in ENEA – Milan Metropolitan City, with

its skills in territorial management and the experience of thermal plants control, together with

ENEA, which participates to Milan CCEI and has scientific experience and innovative tools, will

implement a very ambitious project in line with the new European Directives.”