SmartEdge want to play a role in the positive change in reduceing the carbon emissions and fulfil the climate and energy goals and obligations. The Covid-19 pandemic and the following shut-down of society, resulted in a temporary dip in the emissions. 6 months later, we identify that the emissions are increasing and, in many cases, back to “normal”. Could we have done differently? Probably. We rather ask ourselves:

• What can we learn from the shut-down to make change happen?

• What measures or experience do we believe is relevant or needed to both restore our “normal lives”

Since the covid emergency spread across Europe early spring 2020, air quality and pollution has reduced massively. The same is true for the economic activities. In all the European countries unemployment rate has hit historical heights (source). How will this situation influence the transition to a low carbon society? Will it put sustainable development back years, or is this an opportunity convert our knowledge into practice and contribute to the transition to a low carbon economy? What was normal before the crisis does not need to be the new normal. We can play a role in defining the future!

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