In the framework of the SMART WASTE project, BAMEE is organising an action for the 13th edition of the EWWR.

Under the implementation of the SMART WASTE project, BAMEE organized survey on waste management system among all municipalities in Bulgaria. 137 municipalities, representing 83% of the population, provided detailed answers for questions concerning waste management expenses, quantities of all types of wastes collected, separated, recycled and treated. There were questions concerning administrative capacity of the administrations to implement waste management services. The also provided information for the main obstacles, challenges, concerns and how they plan to address all issues. Based on that survey BAMEE will organize online webinar to openly discuss all results, conclusions and following actions with our colleagues from municipalities, partner NGOs and business. We will invite representatives from Ministry of Environment and Waters to provide their opinion, but also to help with expertize and advise for addressing problems and challenges, commenting the results and sharing good practices. The second action will be to issue an Informational bulletin, sent to all municipalities and partner organization with results from the survey and conclusions from the webinar discussion.

The action on the EWWR website:

Photo by Alfonso Navarro on Unsplash