The Ellen MacArthur Foundation is a UK-based charity collaborating with businesses, governments, cities, designers, universities, and emerging innovators to explore opportunities and develop circular business initiatives.

Below you can read more about their new Report which is highlighting overall benefits of a Circular Economy Recovery Strategy for policymakers.

The circular economy: a transformative Covid-19- recovery strategy was published in October 2020 with the aim to show how policy makers can ease the path towards a low-carbon and booming economic recovery.

This paper features 10 circular investment opportunities across five key sectors such as the built environment, mobility, plastic packaging, food and fashion.

The circular economy: a transformative Covid-19 recovery strategy is connecting the calls for recovery with other global challenges as the climate change and the lost of biodiversity. It sets out to help enable the transition to a future which delivers economic, environmental, and societal benefits, while weakening the risk of future crises.

The circular economy: a transformative Covid-19 recovery strategy is also showing that circular economy should be considered if governments are working towards a transformation that is resilient to future global challenges.

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