22 March - Steering Commite

13:30    Welcome    Eric Gall, IFOAM EU/ Alberto Enrique, INTIA
Introduction: Mid Term Review Report
13:45    •    Feedback and Conclusions of the meeting held in January. Alberto Enrique
              •    Issues of Communication. Marta Borruel
Conclusions of the First Phase
14:30    •    Overview of main outcomes. Alberto Enrique        
              •    Discussion between partners. Otto Schmid (moderator)
15:30    Coffee Break   
Design of the Second Phase
15:30    •    Alberto Enrique. Proposal by Coordinator
              •    Discussion between partners. Lina Albitar (moderator)

Overview of Dissemination Event
16:30   •    Key objectives and messages. Eric Gall
17:15   •     Conclusions and End.Alberto Enrique

23 March - Using Action Plans to Develop ORGANICS

9:00    Welcome
•    Representative of the Navarra Region/SME ORGANICS Project Coordinator (tbc)
9:15    Introduction: Using Action Plans to Develop ORGANICS
•    Eduardo Cuoco, IFOAM EU
10:00    Project results: Exploring Organic Action Plan - Development, implementation and evaluation
•    Nic Lampkin, Organic Research Centre
10:30    Project results: Enhancing SME Competitiveness and Sustainability using Regional Organic Action Plans
•    Rebekka Frick, FiBL (Aargau, Switzerland)
•    Ludovico Monforte, Unioncamere Lombardia (Italy)
•    Ioana Dragos, North-West Regional Development Agency (Romania)
•    Jerome Cincel, Interbio (Nouvelle-Aquitaine, France)
11:45    Project Results: Policy Recommendations from SME ORGANICS
•    Eric Gall, IFOAM EU
12:00    Panel Discussion
•    Nicolas Verlet, Organic Farming, European Commission
•    Véronique Willems, European Association of Craft, Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (tbc)
•    NN, CoR, Commission for Natural Resources (tbc)
•    Eduardo Cuoco, IFOAM EU
•    Nic Lampkin, Organic Research Centre
12:45    Conclusions
13:00    End