The question how industrial SMEs can increase their energy efficiency occupies partners around Europe. SMEPlus partners and stakeholders looked into their policies towards SMEs, checked the good practices, analysed the energy efficiency incentives as well as visited University of Applied Sciences in Pinkafeld. The topic of increasing energy efficiency among industrial SMEs was the main focus of the agenda.

The first evening was dedicated to the internal meeting of the six European project partners and the SMEPlus steering group. To effectively work together and exchange experience, it is important to get to know each other and each other's work better.

During the second day participants had an exchange of ideas and interesting discussions during the workshops. There was a lively exchange of ideas between the project partners and stakeholders from Forschung Burgenland, FH Burgenland and Kommunalkredit Public Consulting (KPC). A successful example of SME funding was presented by the KPC.

On the third day participants visited Energetikum of the University of Applied Sciences in Pinkafeld. Mr Heschl led the excursion through the Living Lab. Mr Stutterecker (FH Burgenland) as well as Mr Hotwagner (EEE Güssing) presented their insight into new aspects and their experience around energy efficiency.