The second German stakeholder meeting in Hessen took place on June 18, hosted by the House of Energy from Kassel. Due to ongoing travel restrictions, the meeting was held online and went well.

The Austrian stakeholder Dr. Andreas Vidic and Dutch Project Manager Maya Janssen, Province of Groningen, presented their good practices. Dr. Andreas Vidic works for Kommunalkredit Public Consulting and was invited to present a pilot project “finance not linked to costs” to the German stakeholders, who were eager to learn about the pilot. Project Manager Christian Engers first met Mr Vidic during a SMEPlus study visit in March 2020 in Burgenland and invited him to join the German stakeholder meeting and exchange his experience.

German stakeholders were grateful for the interesting and informative talks and are happy with a new contact from Austria. Despite the lockdown, the European exchange of ideas continues.