After a very long period of the online meetings, the SMEPlus partners and stakeholders finally met in person in Rome 27-29 October 2021. The meeting was organised by the Italian Ministry for the Economic Development (Ministero dello sviluppo economico).

The project partners discussed the feedback provided by JS about the project’s mid-term review as well as shared and exchanged on the progress of their action plans. The face-to-face exchange on action plan development was a very much needed opportunity for the partners to reconnect and improve their action plans.

The Italian stakeholders CNA (Italian Confederation of Craft Trades and Small- and Medium-Sized Enterprises), Confindustria and Confartigianato Imprese joined the meeting. They represent the entrepreneurial sector in Italia that is mainly composed of small enterprises, some medium and a few big ones.

As a follow up, an online meeting will be organised where the Italian partner and stakeholders will have further opportunity to share their polices, needs and barriers.