Iván Moya, Regional Director for Energetic Transition and Climate Change

Nathalie Beaucourt, Regional Director for Reindustrialisation, Innovation and Internationalisation.

Amadeo Lázaro, Economic Development Agency of La Rioja

Rebeca Fernández, Regional Directorate of European Funds and the Office in Brussels

Laura Urbieta, Business Federation of La Rioja

Laura Hidalgo, Professional Association of Electric and Renewable Energy Installators

Jorge García, National Association of Producers of Photovoltaic Energy

Enrique Esteban, Economic Development Agency of La Rioja

Susana Mangado, Economic Development Agency of La Rioja

The Chamber of Commerce of La Rioja was also invited but could not attend because of agenda problems.


10:00 – 10:10: Action 1: Implementation of an Energy Efficiency Improvement Program for industrial SMEs. New Call of Grants and program definition (ADER – Susana Mangado).

10:10 – 11:00: Stakeholders' discussion. 

 Image source: Pixabay