The 3rd and the 4th Spanish stakeholder meetings of the SMEPlus project took place on 22 October and 15 November 2021 respectively.

The meetings were attended by representatives of the following SMEPlus stakeholders from Spain:

  • Regional Directorate for Energetic Transition and Climate Change,
  • Regional Directorate for Reindustrialisation, Innovation and Internationalisation,
  • Regional Directorate of European Funds and the Office in Brussels,
  • Regional Directorate for Housing,
  • Business Federation of La Rioja (FER),
  • Professional Association of Electric and Renewable Energy Installators (AIER), and
  • National Association of Producers of Photovoltaic Energy (ANPIER).

The two meetings were focused on the development of the regional action plan. The session on 22 October aimed at designing possible actions that would form part of the project's action plan. For this purpose, the good practices learnt within the project were taken into consideration, and several actions were proposed and analysed in depth by all the attendants. All stakeholders shared their concerns, knowledge and experience on energy efficiency in SMEs and the meeting concluded with a draft action plan.

The second meeting, 15 November, focused on the concretisation of the actions following the feedback received by the Joint Secretariat on the delivery of the first draft of the action plan.

The draft action plan is now ready and being assessed.