Action 1 continues until the end of Phase 2 by using the tool for another 7 SMEs in order to collect data and estimate the energy savings. Action 2 started in July 2022 by aggregating the data collected during the first 6 months from Phase 2. This activity was done continuously until the end of Phase 2 so that we have had the database including information collected and monitored in total from 14 SMEs.

On the 14th of December 2022 we had a bilateral meeting with Mrs. Daniela Murgan, as a representative on behalf of the IB for the ROP 2014-2020, in order to discuss the achievements done regarding the action plan.

Between February 2022 and December 2022 and onward we have been engaging with our Stakeholder in order to offer support for the implementation and monitoring of the action plan. The whole consultation process took place verbally remotely and it was done at least once a month. By doing this we wanted to ensure a smooth implementation and to try to prevent any kind of possible issue that could appear in this period of time.