The 6th SME POWER Interregional Event is dedicated to the Action Plans Peer Review of the international consortium and will take place online – in light of the Covid-19 pandemic – over the course of two days. As a main aspect of the 6th Interregional Event of the project, the international consortium shall participate in a dedicated Action Plan workshop, which aims to help partners to improve and finalise the developed Action Plans through peer review.

As input to the event, participants shall receive:

• All draft regional Action Plans;

• Material for Peer Review sessions (guidelines for partners presenting and reviewing).

Each partner has the chance to present the final drafts of their regional Action Plans in order to allow comments and real time changes. Content is designed to feed into the finalised Action Plans, which shall be completed by March 2022.

During the workshop, partners will work in three bilateral working groups, during which each region shall present their draft Action Plan to the other two regions; this presentation will also include updates on the status of activities carried out at regional level and shall be based on a short presentation template prepared by the lead partner in preparation for the event. A plenary discussion will follow to review each presented Action Plan, on the basis of notes taken by partners, and suggestions for improvement shall be recorded by the Interregional Exchange Coordinator, LEASP, and Francesca Martemucci (Resolvo Srl).

On the second day of the two-part event, Chris Ashe (EIfI-Tech e.V., Advisory Partner) will host a digital seminar on “The question of capacity building measures and means to enhance behavioural change”, followed by a Q&A session. The Interregional Event will come to a close with a virtual study visit on “Smart energy efficient building” by MENERGA, a high-tech engineering company that provides energy efficient air conditioning, heating and cooling. An interview and Q&A session will then be held with the researcher & energy expert, Henrik Glatz.

Following the 6th Interregional Event, the international consortium (exclusively) shall convene for a Steering Group Meeting, during which project management topics – such as project communication & financial management – will be addressed.