During the third semester of the SME POWER project, the good practices (GPs) identified by partners during the second semester were elaborated upon, following constructive, in-depth feedback received by regional stakeholder groups (RSG) and SME POWER partners. Change needs and potential GPs identified during a regional analysis resulted in tailormade Energy Support Maps per partner region.

The fourth event of SME POWER included the fourth Interregional Event (IE4) and the fourth Steering Group meeting, held virtually in light of the COVID-19 pandemic from the 16th-23rd of November 2020, focused on GP Peer Reviews. These peer review sessions were organised based on the expression of interest for each GP indicated by each partner. Furthermore, during the IE4, the Action Plan template, introduced by the Exchange Coordinator, was presented, thus formally initiating the SME POWER project’s Step 3: “Action Plan development, including a proposed policy improvement”. 

Each horizontal GP session lasted one hour, organised as follows: 

  • 30 minutes: Good Practice presentation from the GP owner. Presentation will address the aspects indicated by interested partners within the Expression of Interest template.
  • 30 minutes: Q&A. Partners were asked to prepare a list of questions, following the guidelines prepared by LEASP (setting the rules and identifying a first set of questions to be addressed).

During the week-long event, partners were also introduced to the Action Plan template, which included clarification by the advisory partner on the link between the work carried out on the Good Practices and the policy improvement objectives to be achieved within the project.