As one of the activities envisaged within the SME POWER project work plan, the Spanish working group of experts from the regional energy sector, RES-CyL (Regional Energy Stakeholders of Castilla y León), met virtually for the third time. The group is made up of representatives of SMEs, business associations, unions, technology centres and the regional administration.

Due to the current Covid-19 pandemic, the meeting of the regional stakeholder group was held via web conference on the 27th of January. During this virtual workshop, all members contributed valuable experiences and knowledge, discussing potential improvements in the regional policies of Castilla y León to support energy efficiency in SMEs. 

This meeting focused on the Good Practices shared by the international SME POWER project consortium, with a focus on analysing the potential match to the territorial needs identified and prioritised previously. Based on the Good Practices shared by the project partners, the stakeholders analysed all the quality proposals and discussed how the potential improvements should be implemented, as well as how each Good Practice could be further developed in the Castilla y León Action Plan, which is just starting to be defined.