As one of the activities envisaged within the project work plan, the Spanish SME POWER working group of experts from the regional energy sector, RES-CyL (Regional Energy Stakeholders of Castilla y León), met for the fourth time.

The group is made up of representatives of SMEs, business associations, unions, technology centres, and representatives from the regional administration.

Due to the current situation caused by Covid-19 outbreak, the meeting of the regional stakeholder group was held via teleconference on April 19th. During this workshop, all members contributed valuable experiences and knowledge, discussing potential improvements in the regional policies of Castilla y León to support energy efficiency in SMEs.

The meeting focused on the presentation and discussion of the results of the survey of preliminary ideas for the Action Plan, to which the project stakeholders provided input. The highest ratings were obtained by proposals related to the development of a platform to facilitate the search for available grants for SMEs, capacity building in energy efficiency, and a digital support system with improved instructions for the processing of grant applications.

Additionally, the first draft of the Action Plan currently under development was presented, and the next steps of the project with stakeholders were explained, which will consist of the implementation of interviews to assess the problem-solution fit of this first Action Plan proposal.