The 4th meeting of the Irish Stakeholders Group for the Interreg Europe SME POWER project was held virtually on 28th of July 2021.

The virtual meeting served as an opportunity to update stakeholders and the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI) as Managing Authority on progress within SME POWER. The meeting was in line with the overall aim of SME POWER to ensure that public policy for the low carbon economy is better adapted to the needs of non-energy intensive SMEs, thus enabling them to be a key driver in the low carbon shift at European Level. Hosted by WestBIC, attendees at the 4th SME POWER Irish Stakeholder Meeting included John Flynn, Sustainable Energy Authority Ireland; Alma Gallagher, Clár ICH; Seamus McCormack and Niamh Considine, WestBIC; and Barry Lowe, Clár ICH.   

During the meeting, Seamus McCormack of WestBIC provided a comprehensive update on the SME POWER project. McCormack explained that the Clár ICH Best Practice is currently under evaluation and that feedback shall be provided in the near future. In addition, it was communicated that the SEAI Academy is being prepared as a good practice within the Interreg Europe project. Based on good practices, there is a budget for staff exchanges with the aim of implementing the good practices in partner regions, i.e. Durham and Spain. Additionally, the Irish Draft Action Plan is being prepared and bilateral discussions shall be held to ensure its completion. Finally, it was communicated that the next semester will involve staff exchanges, most likely between Durham and Spain.

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