The workshop "How to finance energy efficiency: opportunities and good practices" took place on November 8th 2019 from 9.30 am to 1.00 pm in Rimini, Italy, and was organised by Renael.

Presented by Project Manager Mr Roberto Bianco in the framework of “Key-Energy the Renewable Energy Expo” “Ecomondo The Green Technology Expo” Rimini.  Key Energy, the International Renewable Energy Fair with focus on Res and EE and Ecomondo, the leading event in Europe for the new models of circular economy.

This workshop was organised since the objectives that Italy and Europe have set, in terms of energy efficiency and renewable sources, require an active role from all stakeholders who, at various levels, are interested in sustainability. 

Renael, an Italian network of local energy agencies, has always operated in this field with a series of different actions ranging from information, to training, technical assistance and active participation in European projects.

During this seminar, various experts from the Italian national energy scene (representatives from energy agencies, Fire, Enea etc) presented their experiences showing their good practices in the field of energy efficiency: 

  • AESS Modena: new models for energy requalification, The Energy Performance Challenge
  • FIRE: new business models for energy requalification, “ESI” model, an acronym for Energy Savings Insurance, an innovative scheme that aims to promote, in particular for SME, investments in efficient technologies or renewable sources
  • AGENA Srl: Energy efficiency and requalification of public lighting plants: the experience of “Paride” project in Teramo Province
  • ANTHEA: how to apply energy efficiency in public heritage and re-invest in sustainability 
  • ENEA: Assignment of claim for energy requalification of building heritage
  • Agency for the intelligent management of energy sources: energy efficiency in public and street lighting. The experience of “LIFE Diademe” project
  • FMI srl: the European project ENES-CE (Interreg) and the cooperation among public bodies in the development of good practices in energy efficiency
  • ARRR Spa: “SME POWER” and “REBUS” Projects to promote energy efficiency
  • Energy Agency of Abruzzo Region: the support function of energy agencies in the implementation of regional energy policies

This event represented a unique opportunity to explore incentive tools and good practices, aimed at technicians, companies and public administrations.

The workshop was mainly addressed to all target groups interested in discovering which are the best and most useful tools aimed at financing energy efficiency measures (in particular public bodies, SMEs and private citizens).  

The audience was made mostly by energy agencies representatives, municipalities and private citizens.

Find the complete Roberto Bianco workshop presentation (in Italian) to view in the Library Section, in the SME POWER Project Documentation folder.