As one of the activities envisaged within the project work plan, the Spanish SME POWER working group of experts from the regional energy sector, RES-CyL (Regional Energy Stakeholders of Castilla y León), met for the second time. The group is made up of representatives of SMEs, business associations, unions, technology centres and representatives from the regional administration.

Due to the current situation caused by COVID-19 outbreak, the meeting of the regional stakeholder group was held via teleconference on the 10th of June. During this workshop, all RES-CyL members contributed valuable experiences and knowledge, discussing potential improvements in the regional policies of Castilla y León to support energy efficiency in SMEs. 

This meeting focused on part 2 of the Energy Support Mapping, finalising the proposals of policy needs and potential good practices in the region. 

RES-CyL members conducted the matrix-based activities to turn weaknesses into policy needs, and strengths into good practices. Based on the activities developed during first semester, and starting from the Force Field Analysis results, five change proposals and draft policy improvements that are intended to be implemented in Phase 2, were assessed.

Fruitful discussions were held on these issues, the conclusions of which will help to enhance the final version of the Energy Support Map of Castilla y León.