The Italian Regional Energy Stakeholder (RES) Group for the SME Power Project has the aim of improving the regional energy policy tools that offer support to SMEs in the implementation of energy efficiency measures.

The second RES meeting was hosted and held virtually by the Lead Partner, Resources Recovery Regional Agency (A.R.R.R.) on 27th July 2020.

SME POWER Lead Partner colleagues, Roberto Bianco and Susanna Ceccanti, start the discussion by firstly updating on the latest SME POWER project activities and steps, then presenting the meeting targets.

 The attendees at this meeting (besides Roberto Bianco and Susanna Ceccanti from A.R.R.R.) were representatives from Universities, from Trades Associations (Craftmen Association, Industry Association) and Valerio Marangolo from Tuscany Region, Energy and Environment Dpt., responsible for Technical Management of Structural Funds in energy matters.

The overall aim of SME POWER is to ensure that public policies for the low carbon economy are better adapted to the needs of non-energy intensive SMEs.

During this meeting participants gave interesting contributions discussing and analysing the possible proposals for improvement of regional incentive policies (ERDF ROP and calls) intended to boost energy efficiency in SMEs, arranged by A.R.R.R. in the framework of the exchange of experiences and good practices between the partner regions of the project and with the contributions provided by the stakeholders. 

The proposed changes were defined following the analysis conducted during the first RES group meeting, which took place in Florence in January 2020, on the identified political instrument, namely Axis 4 – Support the transition towards a low carbon economy in all sectors – ERDF ROP 2014 – 2020 of the Tuscany Region and in particular action 4.2.1 “aid for energy efficiency projects of companies” and related calls.

Participants discussed and assessed some possible solutions and their actual feasibility:

  1. Improve promotional activities on the incentive tools for SMEs and the awareness campaigns on energy efficiency
  2. Simplify and decrease bureaucracy for SMEs when participating to regional calls
  3. Provide more resources for companies for the financing of tenders, in particular for those relating to efficiency in production process and try and find the possibility of combining ERDF contributions with other forms of incentives envisaged at national level
  4. Promote the implementation of an energy audit and monitor the results achieved in energy efficiency

In order to implement these proposals and transform them into actual modifications of the regional incentive policy instruments, some good practices used by the European partners of SME Power will be taken into consideration and their adopt-ability for Tuscany Region will be verified.

A.R.R.R., in synergy with Tuscany Region, the Trades Associations and the other interested stakeholders, will prepare a detailed action plan on how to implement and monitor the proposals for improving policies in support of SMEs in the field of energy efficiency.

Furthermore, the good practices selected by A.R.R.R. in the context of Tuscany Region policies, aimed at supporting the needs identified by the partners of the SME POWER project, were discussed and validated.

  1. Recognition of the non-refundable incentive on energy efficiency projects for buildings also for the removal and disposal of asbestos and for the production from renewable sources within the limits of self-consumption.
  2. Recognition as eligible expenses subject to the contribution of the technical costs incurred (even prior to the date of publication of the call) to carry out energy efficiency measures (design, construction supervision, safety, testing and certification of systems, energy audits, energy performance certificate).


Documents examined during the meeting: 

  • Good practices of regional calls which could be used by European partners 
  • Proposals for improvement of the POR FESR on energy efficiency of companies inspired by the analysis of calls
  • Meeting program / agenda