Among the SMEs involved in the regional stakeholder group, an Energy Champion is selected to represent the regional approach towards a low carbon future, this is done in each policy partner region. The policy partners chose their champion on Semester 2 of the project, and collected testimonials from them via video content.

Please click link below to view video, also please note, this video is spoken in Italian.

Introducing Valerio Marangolo

He is responsible for Technical Management of Structural Funds in energy matters for Tuscany Region, Energy and Environment Department.

Tuscany Region is the Managing Authority (M.A.) and Eng. Marangolo manages the calls relative to energy efficiency aids addressed to enterprises .

In addition to managing the calls, the M.A. promotes them on the regional territory in collaboration with trade associations and, by helping to define the ROP ERDF, it can take into consideration possible changes to be made to the program and / or calls to improve the effectiveness, beneficiaries, monitoring, etc. 

VIDEO - Energy Champion Valerio Marangolo

Energy Champions bring their field experience to the SME Power Project. They investigate opportunities to begin Action Plan implementation and to make use of SME POWER to improve other aspects of regional policy. In parallel, they consider the knowledge on capacity building shared and consider how this could be promoted in their specific territories.