During the second semester of the SME POWER project, the Good Practice (GP) concept was introduced and templates for identifying good practices were established. Change needs and potential GPs were identified during a regional analysis, which resulted in tailor-made Energy Support Maps per partner region. Partners’ potential GPs were presented and assessed.

The third semester of SME POWER is dedicated to preparing the GP templates to be shared within the partnership and beyond, in addition to researching potential new good practices to match partners’ needs. In addition, an expression of interest on presented GPs as well as an extensive Good Practice Peer Review session was carried out, ending in the presentation of the first drafts of partners’ regional Action Plans.

 The 3rd Interregional Event for SME POWER, was held on the 8th of September as a webinar, at which the partners were asked to present in detail their regions’ identified GPs using the following outline: 

  1. What the GP is about?
  2. Why is it a GP: what is its evidence of success?
  3. Who are the actors involved in this GP?
  4. What are the key challenges that were faced in the implementation of this GP?
  5. What elements of this GP could be transferred?

After listening to the in-depth presentations of all regional Good Practices, partners were asked to list the other GPs they have identified and be prepared to present how they are relevant for SME POWER. The discussions and exchange between partners were very fruitful, and each partner logged out of the meeting with constructive feedback and inspiration as to how to move forward.