CO2 emissions from port operations: how to measure them and concrete ways to reduce them

The Smooth Ports project was approached by the Policy Learning Platform colleagues, whether we would be interested to share our findings and knowledge with the Port Authority of Santa Cruz of Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain. The project was happy to participate and share insights and have a fruitful discussion in the discurs. The matchmaking will also be joined by stakeholders from ESCI-UPF School of International Studies, and University of La Laguna and Fundacion Empresa y Clima. To name a few.

The programme currently foresees the following agenda points:

- Introduction to the region and policy challenge: reducing the CO2 emissions from Port Operations and what has already been done in this area (ES)
- The SmoothPorts project: Overview of ambition & achievements in the area of CO2 mesurement and reduction (EN)
- Concrete practices identified in Hamburg to reduce emissions of HDV in the port area
- Measurement methodology for Port emissions in Livorno (EN)
- Good practices implemented in Nantes to reduce port emissions (EN)

We are looking forward to the discussion and exchange of experience!

Photo credit: Leon on unsplash