Our colleagues from Livorno were featured in last weeks Meditelegraph with an article talking about the port's and the Northern Tyrrhenian Sea Port Authority System's continous work regarding infrastructure, environment and ICT. The article underlined the shifting of modern ports from just a logistics and transport hub towards a multidimensional hub as a key component of digitalisation and ecological sustainability activities and thinking in supply- and logistics chains.

Being active in these important areas will help to establish those active, as 'port(s) of the next generation'. Tackling the demands of port systems that no longer are simple terminals of more or less developed transport infrastructure, but nodal points of strategic importance and providing additional value to the entire supply chain.  Whereby innovation and environmental- and social sustainability are considered. The testing and implementation of innovative technology that offers an added value to stakeholders of the supply chain is part of the dna of these next generation ports. 5G for example offers an increased efficience and saving resources. In Livorno the utilisation of 5G has shown a decrease of CO2 emissions of more than 8 per cent.

The full italian interview has been linked above and can be found in the library.

Image by kalhh from Pixabay