Alternative fuels is one aspect that Smooth Ports also looks at in their activities. The NGV Fueling Station in Nantes was also identified as a Good Practice. We are therefore happy to see the upcoming opening of said station.

Located within the Port area in Montoir de Bretagne, SYDELA Énergie 44, together with PROVIRIDIS, is about to open a public-access filling station for the supply of Natural Gas, produced from methanised organic waste, for vehicles at the end of June. It was initiated in 2018 by Nantes - Saint Nazaire Port. It is designed for heavy good vehicles, but will also serve light-duty vehicles and will have 4 lanes with NGV1 and NGV 2 fueling guns. Up to 500 light-duty, or 50 heavy goods vehicles per day can be served by the fueling station. For more information, please refer to the press release here.

Picture by sergio souza von Pexels