The Smooth Ports project partners and their stakeholders came together virtually on June 16th and June 17th to 'visit' the two ports.

Due to the pandemic and travel restrictions, physical project meetings have not been possible again so far.  Therefore, the Lead Partner decided to ask Nantes and Varna to create a virtual visit to their ports and give them the floor to showcase their activities and results.

Port of Varna started the virtual visits on June 16th and showcased their geographic location and Core Network Corridor Network connectivity. The presentation then went along to show the locations of the various port sections (East-, West-, Dry port for example) and the cargo traffic handling, and cargo types, of the Port of Varna. Lastly, the presentation illustrated some measures on the reduction of CO2 in the port (such as the switch to electric powered cranes) and digitalisation efforts to reduce unecessary tours and waiting times of lorries for paper work or cargo handling in the port.

On the following day, June 17th, Nantes Saint-Nazaire hosted their virtual port visit. The project partners and stakeholders were presented with an updated on the natural gas / bio natural gas fuelling station at Montoir de Bretagne, an updated and illustration of the one-stop-shop facility in the port and were introduced to the "safe in port" app.

If you would like to find out more about the two day event, please visit also our library. We will upload all relevant documents there shortly.

Picture credit: William Iven on Pixabay