This is the planned agenda for the meeting, which will have two venues. First in the small Soria locality of Valdeavellano de Tera and later in Soria capital. This interregional workshop is attended by almost 40 people from Germany, Spain, Finland and Slovakia.

08 May 2018, Day 1 

8:15 Pick up of workshop participants at Plaza de Mariano Granados (downtown Soria - less than 5 minutes from your hotels)

8:15-8:45 Travel to Valdeavellano de Tera where the workshop will take place. 

(30 Km from Soria - Espacio Valdeavellano)

9:00-10:00 Short presentation by Local authorities on the situation of depopulation in the province of Soria. 

10:00- 10:30 Coffee Break  

10:30- 10:45 Brief introduction to the workshop. Marcelo Segales, Fundación Tomillo

10:30- 13:30 Group work.  The workshop will focus on 4 of the 6 points identified by the Fundación Tomillo based on the conclusions of the 4 regional studies on social entrepreneurship as well as of the interregional thematic workshops held to date.   

13:30- 15:00 Lunch at Valdeavellano de Tera. Hostal Rebollar.  

15:00-18:00 Group work. Follow-up work on the 4 points.   

18:00- 18:30 Conclusions  

19:00- 19:30 Travel back to Soria  

20:00 approx. Joint-dinner at La Chistera restaurant (Calle Alberca, 4- bajo, 42003 Soria)

 9 May 2018, Day 2 

 IV Spring Meeting on Impact Investing and Social Innovation for repopulation in Europe – Presentations of some SOCENT SPAs partners and stakeholders  

9:30 Seminar opening (Castile & Leon)

• Luis Rey. President of the Province of Soria

• Antonio López Calvín. President of Cives Mundi

• Edelmira Barreira. Government Commissioner for the Demographic Challenge

  • Carlos Fernández Carriedo. Minister of Employment of the Government of Castile and Leon. 

• Carlos Martínez Mínguez. Mayor of Soria

10:00- 10:30 Current overview of Social Entrepreneurship and Impact Investing in Europe  

10:30- 11:00 Public presentation of the Study on Social Entrepreneurship in Castile and Leon 

• Lucía Velasco. Social Innovation and Research Director at Fundación Tomillo (Castile & Leon)

11:00- 11:30 Coffee Break  

11:30- 12:45 Policies to promote SE, Social innovation and impact investing for the repopulation of SPAs in Europe  

• Dr. Volker Offermann. Head of the Department for Women and the Labour Market and Work and Start-up in Brandenburg.

• Päivi Ekdahl. Development Director of the Regional Council of Lapland

• Ingrid Ujváriova. Counsellor to the State Secretary at the Ministry of Labour, Social Affairs and Family of the Slovak Republic.

• Jesús Rodriguez Rodriguez. General Director of Social Economy – Regional Government of Castile and Leon

12:45-14:00 Impact investing tools in Europe  

• Timo Kaphengst. Regionalwert AG Berlin-Brandenburg

14:00- 15:30 Lunch  

15:30- 17:00 Impact investing tools in sparsely populated areas in Spain 

17:00- 18:00 European programs for boosting social entrepreneurship and social innovation in Europe  

• Joaquín Alcalde. El Hueco, Laponias Conectadas Project (Castile and Leon)

• Norbert Kunz. Director of Social Impact gGmbH (Brandenburg)

• Paula Arribas. JCyL coordinator of SOCENT SPAs (Castile and Leon)

• María Montoiro. Parliament of Castile and Leon. Responsible for the management of the European Regional Legislative Assemblies Working Group on Depopulation and Ageing in EU Regions (Castile and Leon)

21:00 approx.  Joint dinner with Spring meeting participants at El Kiosko de Soria (Alameda de Cervantes, s/n, 42003 Soria). Informal cocktail dinner hosted by Cives Mundi.

10 May 2018, Day 3  

9:15-10:15 Panel of success stories of social entrepreneurship and social innovation in European sparsely populated areas (I)

• Victoria Tortosa. CEO & Founder of La Exclusiva Logística Social (Castile and Leon)

• Roberto Lozano. Director of El Hueco Verde (Castile and Leon)

• Kaisa Annala & Tiina Kärjä-Lahdensuu. Sompion Tähti Cooperative (Lapland)

• Andrea Vozarova. Commmunity Centre Horehronie (Gemer)

10:15- 11:15 Panel of success stories of SE and SI in European SPAs (II)  

• Juan José Manzano. CEO & Founder of Almanatura. Innovación Rural (Castile and Leon)

• Ana Bárcena. Mayor of Muriel Viejo (Soria). Destino Turístico Starlight (Castile and Leon)

11:15- 13:00 Presentations of the results of the workshop 'Innovative and sustainable ideas to fight depopulation from the project LAPONIAS CONECTADAS'   

13:00- 13:30 Seminar conclusion and closure  

13:30- 15:30 Lunch  

15:30- 17:00 SOCENT SPAs Steering Committee Meeting.