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Social Green Interregional Workshop


Social Green Project held their 2nd Interregional Event on the 24th of February.

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South Muntenia's Stakeholder Meeting


South Muntenia RDA has organized the first working meeting with the stakeholders...

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Social Green is back on the 5th call


5th call of Social Green Project has been launched!

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Improving energy efficiency in social apartments


The Municipality of Alba Iulia (RO) is improving the energy efficiency in social...

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The many shades of greening social housing


The Croatian example illustrates the many shades of green retrofits of...

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Never give up!


The journey of SMRDA is an illustrative example of the core essence of never...

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Innovative approaches for reducing energy poverty


Extremadura is working on finding innovative approaches to overcome barriers to...

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Key stakeholders engagement in policy improvements


The importance of local stakeholder engagement in policy improvements: the cases...

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Installing smart metering in Alba Iulia


A pilot action in Alba Iulia (Romania) to install smart metering solutions in...

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Take a look at Social Green final article


Social Green has summarized the final results in an article that collects the...

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Pathways to Greener Social Housing in Europe


Join Social Green Final Conference to discover post-2020 opportunities in the...

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Demolition of the last houses of El Campillo


In this area of ​​of Badajoz is where they are going to be built 35...

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