Throughout the lifetime of Social Seeds, we had the opportunity to meet several inspiring social entrepreneurs that received support from the consortium partners. All of these entrepreneurs had launched their business to make a valuable impact in their community and make a difference for the common good. We had the honour of welcoming a few of these enterprises in our Final High Level Dissemination event on the 18th of November. We’ll gladly highlight them in a series of articles.
Today we are proud to present you Dobry Dom Association from Poland, a social enterprise that was supported by Social Seeds through our partner RARR, the Regional Development Agency of Rzeszow.

Dobry Dom Association: Rzeszow’s Good Home that helps disabled people discover their talents

Dobry Dom (which translates as “good home”) was established in 1999 as an initiative of a group of people concerned about the fate of the weakest in society, to reduce poverty and inequalities, with a focus on disabled persons.
The main goal of the Association is to create conditions conducive for people with disabilities, in order to develop an independent life through increasing their professional, social and creative abilities. For this purpose, Doby Dom set up various activities under the Centre for Independent Living, ranging from a training centre to sheltered housing, with the common goal of increasing people’s self-esteem, allowing them to discover their own talents and fostering their integration in society.
ZAZ Nowa Sarzyna, the Occupational Activity Centre, is a true hive of activity. Employing over 90 people nowadays, the Centre offers different workshops: carpentry, wickery, a bakery and catering service. By working in one of these workshops and producing beautiful products, disabled people get the opportunity to pursue their professional career, they do not feel excluded from public life, rediscovering their self-esteem and usefulness. Working at ZAZ is a vocational rehabilitation, its aim is to prepare disabled people to be active on the open labour market.
Continuously growing, ZAZ is investing in new machinery, improved working conditions, green energy and seeks to launch more new activities in the future. Recently, they have opened a restaurant in the old historical train station of Leżajsk, called “Poczekalnia – czas na aktywność” (Waiting Room - time for activity). More than 20 people serve traditional Polish fare here. Waiting Room has become well known in the region as a place to be, even among young people. It is now associated with traditional food, good coffee and tasty desserts. In cooperation with local cultural institutions, ZAZ even organises vernissages and poetry evenings here, thereby tackling the stereotypical perception that some people still may have regarding people with disabilities. Another one of these new initiatives is “Sweet Miracles”, Dobry Dom’s pastry workshops, where 10 people with severe disabilities are mastering the art of turning out the best pastries in the region.
Learn more about Dobry Dom from their website.